Mobile phones and relationships in Pakistan

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BBC Reports on Pakistan Telecom’s Booty Call Crackdown

This is audio of a BBC report on how youth in Pakistan use mobile phones. Despite issues and cultural controversies, the mobile phone is gaining rapid popularity in Pakistan.

Note to viewers: Ignore the weird image. Not sure what it has to do with telecom in Pakistan.


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The impact of social media in Pakistan

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Out Of Bounds – Impact of Social Media in Pakistan

This video on social media/ citizen journalism scene in Pakistan is in Urdu.

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Citizen journalism, activism and education in rural India

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IU Impact: Citizen Journalist Revives Education in Rural India

This is a great piece done by a young citizen journalist in the rural India village of Jharkhand. The village school had been shut done due to the negligence of the hired teacher. Mukesh Rajak, a Community Correspondent, used his own camera and showed the public the horrible conditions for the students and staff. This is a great example of citizen journalism being used the right way. When traditional media can’t/won’t help…activists can gain support from the public using social media tools.

As a result of Rajak’s work, the school was reopened.

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Leslie T. Chang: Factory Girls

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We’re reading this book in class! The students in my Mobile Technology in Developing Countries class are really enjoying it and the discussions are wonderful. Our focus for the class is how mobile technology changes the way these women/girls traverse through a modern and changing China, but it has so much more to offer. As a second generation American from Pakistan, I understand how migration can change people. I see a lot myself in these characters, which is why this book was so powerful.

Author Leslie T. Chang delivers the 2011 First Readings Lecture on her book Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China.

Factory Girls examines issues of migration and industrialization in contemporary China by focusing on the stories of two young women from the provinces who come to the city of Dongguan to work in the factories, learn new skills, and achieve “success.” As Brown celebrates the “Year of China” in 2011-12, Factory Girls should cause you to reflect on the question of a country’s relationship to both its past and its future and how that attitude can affect the lives of ordinary people trying to get ahead.

Tuesday, October 11
Brown University

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Mobile phones, apps, throw lifeline to sufferers of brain and mental disorders in remote world corners

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Mobile phones, apps, throw lifeline to sufferers of brain and mental disorders in remote world corners

A really fascinating look at how mobile phones can be used to treat mental illness. 

Basic information:

Project sponsored by Grand Challenges Canada. In many cases mental health specialists will be directly working with patients.
6 of the projects will focus on children and youth.

Selected through independent peer review from 125 applications, the 22 projects break down as follows, by institution:

  • Canada: 8 (Toronto (4 projects), Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver)
  • Africa: 5 (Nigeria, Uganda, Union of Comoros, Ghana, Ethiopia)
  • Asia: 5 (India (3 projects) Laos, Pakistan)
  • Latin America / Caribbean: 4 (Guatemala, Colombia, Jamaica, Peru).

This is really great to see that technology can be used in the health environment.

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The Social Media Scene in Pakistan (Rev1.0)

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Social media usage in Pakistan is huge. When traditional media isn’t enough…social media can add so much.

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TEDxKinnaird – Sonya Rehman – The Power of Citizen Journalism

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A TEDx Talk by Sonya Rehman on the the role of citizen journalism in a modern day Pakistan.

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