The impact of social media in Pakistan

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Out Of Bounds – Impact of Social Media in Pakistan

This video on social media/ citizen journalism scene in Pakistan is in Urdu.


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Wireless living: Limited Internet access in North Korea affects country’s development

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Wireless living: Limited Internet access in North Korea affects country’s development

Fascinating article by Imana Gunawan about how the lack of Internet and social media can hinder the growth of a nation. North Korea is a closed, secretive society and its lack of Internet access has isolated its citizens from the rest of the world.

Notable comments from the article:

“In 2012, the World Policy Journal rated the DPRK as the most isolated country in the world. The publication used the percentage of individuals connected to the Internet as one of the factors in determining whether a country is isolated.”

“Even though North Korea and South Korea have a similar amount of compulsory school years (10 for North Korea, 12 for South Korea), Sorensen said that North Korean refugees with high school-level education who go to South Korea may not be able to compete academically with South Korean students.”

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TEDxKinnaird – Sonya Rehman – The Power of Citizen Journalism

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A TEDx Talk by Sonya Rehman on the the role of citizen journalism in a modern day Pakistan.

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