Citizen journalism, activism and education in rural India

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IU Impact: Citizen Journalist Revives Education in Rural India

This is a great piece done by a young citizen journalist in the rural India village of Jharkhand. The village school had been shut done due to the negligence of the hired teacher. Mukesh Rajak, a Community Correspondent, used his own camera and showed the public the horrible conditions for the students and staff. This is a great example of citizen journalism being used the right way. When traditional media can’t/won’t help…activists can gain support from the public using social media tools.

As a result of Rajak’s work, the school was reopened.


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Mobile phones, apps, throw lifeline to sufferers of brain and mental disorders in remote world corners

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Mobile phones, apps, throw lifeline to sufferers of brain and mental disorders in remote world corners

A really fascinating look at how mobile phones can be used to treat mental illness. 

Basic information:

Project sponsored by Grand Challenges Canada. In many cases mental health specialists will be directly working with patients.
6 of the projects will focus on children and youth.

Selected through independent peer review from 125 applications, the 22 projects break down as follows, by institution:

  • Canada: 8 (Toronto (4 projects), Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver)
  • Africa: 5 (Nigeria, Uganda, Union of Comoros, Ghana, Ethiopia)
  • Asia: 5 (India (3 projects) Laos, Pakistan)
  • Latin America / Caribbean: 4 (Guatemala, Colombia, Jamaica, Peru).

This is really great to see that technology can be used in the health environment.

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Radio Bridging Education Gap in Rural India

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Despite the prevalence of mobile technology, radio continues to remain a major source of information to many developing areas. Here’s a look at how education radio programming works for rural children in India.

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India’s Tribal Citizens Use New Cell Phone Technology to Produce

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One way to get news information to tribal communities in India.

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