Mobile Phones and Leapfrogging Technology

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“Cellular phones are an example of leapfrog technology that allows many developing nations to skip the investment in fixed-line phone infrastructure while they derive economic benefits from a reliable and extensive communications network. Mobile phones, along with Internet access, are part of a communications revolution that is helping boost income and stop the spread of disease in emerging economies. VOA’s Bill Rodgers has more in this second of a series on technology in the developing world.”

I showed this clip in my Mobil Tech class. Interesting to note that mobile technology is overall cheaper than building an infrastructure for fixed phone lines.


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On Location Video: Mental illness is rising in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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On Location Video: Mental illness is rising in Pakistan and Afghanistan

This video discusses the rise of mental health in countries like Pakistan. Please see the previous post about the use of mobile tech in developing countries.

The rise of mental illness in Pakistan and Afghanistan is not surprising. Both countries are conflict zones and have major issues with terrorism (in country and out of the country).

It’s a topic that is not discussed enough.

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