So I passed my COMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 1, 2012 at 7:17 pm (Uncategorized)

So I passed my COMPS and am now in the process of writing a prospectus. A daunting task indeed. My diss deals with the way audiences interpret high security and low security messages coming from anchors/podcasters that are either Caucasian (White) or South Asian/Middle Eastern (Brown). How does this deal with mobile technologies you ask? Well it’s simple. The Middle East erupted in massive protests (referred to as the ‘Arab Spring’) and many of these protesteors used mobile techonologies and social media to convey their messages to a wide audience (namely Western). These messages, wheterh thorugh YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, created a media sensation in the U.S. It was all about the plight of the Egyptians, Libyan, and Tunisian protestors as they fought their corrupt governments. That’s part of where the idea of my diss came. The other part was dealing with messages that are considered high security or message that invoke a certain fear that we as a  Americans won’t be Americans once they open immigration doors, or allow Sharia Law to supercede the U.S. Consitiution, etc. Also as former broadcaster or South Asian decent, I was interested in finding out if the messages I produced were intrepreted differently by audiences who saw me as the physical embodiement of ‘terrorism’. I’m NOT a terrorist, yet my skin, hair, and eye color resembles that of the individuals on 9/11. I’m ethnically from the same country that Osama- bin Laden was hiding and eventually killed in.

So these are just a few of teh questions I figure out how to answer through the use of an experiment. Wish me luck!

Here’s a video of some of the different Pakistani news anchors being…well…human.



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