Top Google Searches for Syrians

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This is a pretty cool video that explains what Syrians and Syrian refugees are searching for on Google. The Syrian civil war is considered one of the worst humanitarian disasters today.


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Dr. Sadaf Ali

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That’s right!!! I successfully defending my dissertation this last November and can now make people call me DOCTOR! Currently, I’m in the process of just getting through the semester. Some student behavioral issues have made teaching classes a bit more of a challenge this semester. But no worries…I’ve got less than a month before Summer break and the International Communication Association conference. In addition, I’ll be attending the Pop Culture Association conference next week in New Orleans. More later on my presentations and research.

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Mobile tech in Taiwan and dissertation update

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I’ve been out for a bit. Apologies. I’ve been busy creating new curriculum at Eastern Michigan University like my Mobile Tech class, as well as a study abroad program that focuses on media (journalism and entertainment) in London. On top of all that…THE DISSERTATION. That’s right…I’ve been approved for my defense. November 7 at 2pm. Wish me luck!

Here’s a video on a transparent cell phone out of Taiwan. The video mentions that this prototype was supposed to be a competitor to the iPhone5…so it’s a bit older. This bit of tech hasn’t made it out to the market yet. Thoughts? Would you buy a transparent phone?

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Classroom success!!!

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Hi all. This past semester was the first time I taught Mobile Technologies in the Developing World class I developed as a tenure track faculty member at Eastern Michigan University. It was a great experience and I am honored to have the opportunity to teach it again this upcoming Winter 2015 semester. It will also be vetted as part of the regular curriculum here at EMU. I’ll continue to post information about mobile technologies and the developing world.

I also hope to defend my dissertation this August. It’s going to be a busy and exciting summer.




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E-TukTuk, mobile technology and Sri Lanka

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E-TukTuk, mobile technology and Sri Lanka

“eTUKTUK takes internet and radio to Sri Lankan villages

Really cool article about hoe rickshaws are being adapted as mobile radio stations. It’s an innovative approach using an iconic vehicle, to provide a voice to people in hard to reach places.

The eTUKTUK is a self-contained mobile telecentre and radio broadcasting unit which travels into remote villages in the Kothmale region and provide communities the opportunity to participate in the KCR’s programming as well as have access to new digital technologies and internet.



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Mobile Phones and Leapfrogging Technology

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“Cellular phones are an example of leapfrog technology that allows many developing nations to skip the investment in fixed-line phone infrastructure while they derive economic benefits from a reliable and extensive communications network. Mobile phones, along with Internet access, are part of a communications revolution that is helping boost income and stop the spread of disease in emerging economies. VOA’s Bill Rodgers has more in this second of a series on technology in the developing world.”

I showed this clip in my Mobil Tech class. Interesting to note that mobile technology is overall cheaper than building an infrastructure for fixed phone lines.

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Mobile phones and relationships in Pakistan

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BBC Reports on Pakistan Telecom’s Booty Call Crackdown

This is audio of a BBC report on how youth in Pakistan use mobile phones. Despite issues and cultural controversies, the mobile phone is gaining rapid popularity in Pakistan.

Note to viewers: Ignore the weird image. Not sure what it has to do with telecom in Pakistan.

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The impact of social media in Pakistan

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Out Of Bounds – Impact of Social Media in Pakistan

This video on social media/ citizen journalism scene in Pakistan is in Urdu.

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Mobile tech, terrorism and faculty searches

February 13, 2014 at 10:05 pm (Mobile Tech, Pakistan)

I’m not complaining…promise. It’s just that this week (and last) has been a massive series of Mondays. The area has been looking for a new faculty member in Film and so far no unicorns. See this link on what I mean by campus interviews and the mythical academic unicorn…

Moving on to more topical news:
Today’s Mobile Technology and Developing Countries class discussion focused on the 2008 Mumbai attacks and the use of mobile technology. Whenever we talk about tech one of the issues that comes up is the competing narratives: 1.) tech is amazing and will save us all and 2.) tech is scary and evil and tool for terrorists.

No doubt, the attacks in Mumbai were technologically coordinated, leaving the India army and police out classed and out maneuvered. These attacks, in some cases, are analogous to the 9/11 attacks in the USA, where there was serious communication issues between local and national police and government organizations. I’ll continue this discussion in a later entry with videos and commentary.

But in the meantime, think about the concept of terrorism and how it’s no longer forced into one geographical space.

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Citizen journalism, activism and education in rural India

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IU Impact: Citizen Journalist Revives Education in Rural India

This is a great piece done by a young citizen journalist in the rural India village of Jharkhand. The village school had been shut done due to the negligence of the hired teacher. Mukesh Rajak, a Community Correspondent, used his own camera and showed the public the horrible conditions for the students and staff. This is a great example of citizen journalism being used the right way. When traditional media can’t/won’t help…activists can gain support from the public using social media tools.

As a result of Rajak’s work, the school was reopened.

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